Plasma-based Particle and Light Sources

Strathclyde Centre for Doctoral Training

Strathclyde Centre for Doctoral Traing: Plasma-based Particle and Light Sources

A novel international postgraduate research and training centre

The SCDT P-PALS is an international, multi-institutional and multi-disciplinary Centre for Doctoral Training, founded by the University of Strathclyde and partners in 2016. It covers a broad range of connected experimental, theoretical and computational areas in plasma physics, laser and particle beams, and applications such as novel light sources. It is driven by the transformative progress as regards the realization of compact, plasma-based radiation sources by an ever increasing number of research groups in academia and industry worldwide. This scientific progress requires the education and training of next generation research leaders with the capability to think out of the box, to contribute to cross-disciplinary and international collaborative R& D projects, and a realistic understanding of the importance of doability and how to put novel concepts and technologies to use, including their industrial realisation.


  •     Plasma physics
  •     Laser physics
  •     Relativistic Plasma Dynamics
  •     Accelerator science and technology
  •     Advanced light sources
  •     Space science
  •     Metrology



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  • Contact us in case you feel you are an excellent prospective PhD student interested in doing research with our centre.