TOOLS & LINKS - working zone

The following tools, scripts and links are written and assembled by our students and shall provide a useful resource for hands-on plasma wakefield and light sources R&D and learning. Some scripts require the Wolfram Alpha CDF player plugin, which is for free and easy to install. You may have to use certain supported browsers, see

Description: LWFA 1D plasma response

The above interactive tool calculates the plasma response to a laser pulse of variable parameters.  


Links to useful webpages for everyday work and to keep an overview on the field can be found below.

Patric Muggli group website

Various basics - and an attempt to keep up with key papers in the accelerator world.

Patric Muggli

Particle Beam Physics Laboratory

UCLA's Particle Beam Physics Laboratory - various gems.


DESY accelerator calendar

List of upcoming conferences and workshops and various links.

DESY ARD calendar

RadiaBeam Technologies

A major industrial link in the accelerator world.



The EU H2020 design study project for a Compact European Plasma Accelerator with Superior Beam Quality.


International Committee for Future Accelerators

ICFA aims at facilitating international collaboration in accelerator physics, and has a Panel on Advanced and Novel Accelerators.


European Committee for Future Accelerators

ECFA aims at long-range planning of European high-energy facilities.


International Committee on Ultra-High Intensity Lasers

ICUIL provides a venue for discussions among representatives of high-intensity laser facilities and members of user communities on international collaborative activities.



FACET-II is a proposed new test facility to provide DOE with the unique capability to develop advanced acceleration and coherent radiation techniques with high-energy electron and positron beams.


Helmholtz Virtual Institute for Plasma Wakefield Acceleration

The Helmholtz Virtual Institute (VI) on plasma wakefield acceleration (PWFA) of highly relativistic electrons brings together leading accelerator centres in Germany and worldwide to address topics at the forefront of accelerator research.

Helmholtz VI PWFA


Our PhD students take pride in being part of an international learning and working environment, which promotes networking and scientific independence and leadership building.